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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Changes in Store at The New Republic

Apparently, TNR is going biweekly starting in March, with a revamped look and larger size (probably more like 60-80 pages per issue). Editor Franklin Foer says he wants the magazine to be more like a 'New Yorker' of politics, with longer in-depth features. Also Marty Peretz has sold his last remaining interest in TNR, although he will remain as Editor In Chief. I know all this not because it's my favorite magazine, I've read it off and on since college, I'm a subscriber, and I read The Plank (their group blog) and check out the web version of the magazine. No, I know all this because I read other things- because unless I missed it, they have not bothered to tell anyone! I learned about the biweekly from NRO's The Corner, most of the other things via links from Andrew (links on side). Granted, some of this stuff is sort of inside baseball, but shouldn't they be asking us subscribers what we think? Below is a copy of my letter to the Editors- in the hope of better communication.

I wanted to share some quick questions and concerns from a subscriber and daily web reader:

Why is there so little information available on your own webpage about a new design and new focus for the magazine? Why did I learn the print edition of the magazine which I read every week over coffee is going biweekly on NRO's "The Corner"? Why do I find out Marty Peretz has sold his interest via Andrew Sullivan? Why is an article like Michael Calderone's from the New York Observer not linked to?

If the goal is to increase circulation and make for a better magazine, I request you communicate with your existing readers. I understand Mr. Foer intends for TNR to be "'The New Yorker' of politics" and I welcome some of the positive changes he has already made. Yet right now, I do not feel like any part of the process.


Scott L. Stuart


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