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Monday, March 05, 2007

Saturn as Seen From Cassini

This and some more really neat pictures and video can be found at the mission's website, here. It's really a shame that this exciting mission is going on right now and one would never know it from the media. The spacecraft launched nearly 10 years ago and is now sending back amazing pictures from Saturn and Titan. If you are kind of a space geek like I am, the fact that we are getting images (see below) and data from 1.240 billion km away from Earth. There is another flyby of Titan in just a few days- you can check it out here. It's amazing, inspiring, fascinating, and humbling. Looking up at the stars and imagining the myriad of different experiences, the mysteries of life made up by all the just blows my mind. I should resolve to learn more and pay more attention to it, because whenever I do, I am just awestruck. Seriously, how cool is that?


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