Scott's Soapbox

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Hockey Team

We are bad. Worse than bad, awful. Totally disorganized out there. It seems like our whole team was in a fog. No one knows where to go or what to do. Our team is a mix a new and old players, and we are not jelling at all.

Plus, I was horrible. possibly the worst game I have ever played.

Oh well, 8 more to go. I hope to practice on Saturday- looks like we need it.

From the Blog that Brought You the Grilled Cheese Jesus

A turtle. As Satan. Wow.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

How Liberal Are You?

Good for a laugh:

The New Republic's Online test.

Doesn't This Sound Like

One of those stories your parents tell you about how they had to walk to school with no shoes in the snowstorm and it was uphill both ways and blah blah blah?

See here.

This quote:
"I feel more safe with her riding a mule than having her ride in a car or on a bus," said her father, Marty Beard.

is not one you see everyday.

I grew up hearing about how early my dad had to get up and work all day on the farm. I don't remember much else because I was so busy playing Nintendo. Seriously, Dad, you couldn't see how close I was to beating Zelda? ;)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Lots Going On

Quick around-the-life update:

We are back playing roller hockey. Our team added a few new guys and although we all needed a break, it was great to play again last Sunday. The season opener is Thursday night against the "Clusterpucks" another new team.

Poker night wrap up- After busting out Kevin, Craig, and Dugan, I take the title for the first time. We have a nice quiet Tuesday night game (4-6 guys, pizza, bad jokes, and adult beverages). Good times!

The heart is doing well after most recent cardioversion- I am going to Cleveland tomorrow morning for follow-up.

Work is incredibly busy right now, we are getting lots of breaks our way and have lots of loans closing. Crazy busy, but a good kind of busy. I had to do a closing tonight for a couple with two children, and young Nathan was fascinated by my notary stamp. "When do I get to use my stamp!" (Looking at his drawing on picture..."that's the dog!"...stamp!..."that's me!"...stamp!) Cute little kid, and I think Nathan is a quality name- except for the fact I would call him "Hot Dog." Hey Nathan, where's your hot dogs? What's up, mustard?

Nathan is still not as good as Brandon. Some lucky girl will someday mother Brandon Lepaige Stuart. Or perhaps Brandon Glen Lepaige Stuart, continuing my four name tradition. The girl's name...who knows?

I am currently at work on: an essay regarding gay marriage, a handicappers guide to The Presidential campaign 2008, and more.

All for now.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Who Says There is No Good News in the Paper?

Tuesday, March 1st in The Columbus Dispatch:

OSU Football scraping bottom in grade study. The beloved Buckeyes are last in the Big Ten, and in the bottomr ten nationwide for academic performance of its football team. The basketball team (of course already banned for postseaon play) also dead last in the Big Ten. Ouch.

In other front page news, 116 people died in Iraq- guess which story had more text. You guessed right. Also, Lebanon's whole government resigned in a stunning, transformational moment. You could find that on A3 inside.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Grocery Store

The grocery store can be a very lonely place, especially on a Friday night. I went there last night and pushed my cart around, shopping only for myself, only for my wants, only for my list. Mothers with families, kids reaching for forbidden items, asking plaintively "Why!" when turned down. A pretty girl, college age, with a friend buying supplies for tomorrow night's party. A couple, holding hands urgently as if to not get lost in a crowd, yet walking down a deserted aisle of frozen food. And me.

I go through slowly, always afraid to make a decision. i wish there was someone there to ask so I won't get it wrong. I have to mathematically work out what sizes to get to get the most value. Doing division in the aisles...Richard Jeni always used to do a joke about hot dogs and hot dog buns coming in packages of different quantities. He would say, "I'm there- hot dogs in one hand, buns in the other, trying to figure out the greatest common denominator!" But he was wrong, he was actually looking for the least common multiple. I'm setting the record straight, here and now.

There is activity surrounding me all around, but I feel detached, isolated from it. The world spinning around me, but not affecting me at all. Like I am moving at a slower speed than everything else- all else it just a blur. I check out.

Work is the same way- activity happening around me, not involving me. Not because of me, just things happening to me. I feel like I am losing control over things, I feel as if I cannot even affect things anymore. It is all spinning out of control again, my whole life spinning out of control.

I have been trying to escape- into books, into television, anything. If I just keep plugging along things will get better...things will even out. Juts have to keep going, put one foot in front of the other and eventually I will reach the destination. But right now, it's a cold, lonely road.