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Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Car! Well, new to me, anyway.

Sorry I have not been on here much, spending some time been dealing with car situation. My beloved 2000 Nissan Maxima, which had given me 143,000 miles of trouble-free motoring dropped it's transmission on me as I shifted into reveres to parallel park on a busy street. So number 1) I was stranded with a car that did not move, number 2) I was diagonal in the street blocking traffic on a Friday afternoon. I stood around for a while, calling my insurance company, the tow truck place, a friend to pick me up, while people honked and gave me evil looks. "You're right people, I just felt like parking it there with the hazard lights on to be a jerk. Actually, my car is fine!" Eventually some guys helped push me back into the parking space which had been my original destination, which I appreciated, but one of them something about how I could not even get off the phone (to say thank you or whatever). "Hey, buddy, I am on the phone with the tow-truck guy giving him directions. It's one thing if I'm on the phone saying 'Gee honey, what movie do you want to see, I love you more, no stop, I love you more!' But it was the tow-truck guy, for Pete's sake!"

It got towed to one place, which diagnosed my transmission problem as being more severe that was originally hoped, and then on to a transmission repair shop. The gist of it all, was contemplating sinking $2000 dollars into a car with who knows how much more life left. I looked around, weighed my options, and decided to retire it and move up in the car world.

So, as of yesterday morning, I am the proud owner of a 2004 Infiniti G35 sedan. It's black over black, fully loaded, and with only 43,000 miles so it still has a little warranty left. It also has the hard-to-find-in-a-sedan manual transmission, and it's a blast driving stick again. I was able to trade in my old car, they are even towing it away for me. Although I had to sadly go yesterday and clean it all out. Incidentally, my glove compartment was where all my Allen wrenches to change roller blade wheels were- who knew? Explains why I own 900 Allen wrenches. The new car looks immaculate, has been babied, and should provide me with a few great years. You can see it below and at this link (for as long as listing lasts.)

Did I mention, it handles like a dream, flies down the highway, and draws oohs and aaahs from everyone who's seen it? Well it does. See you in the fast lane. *Disclaimer- Of course I recommend driving only the posted speed limit and driving defensively and all of that.* But if you have to pass say, a cement truck or a horse trailer, as I did last night- it really moves.


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